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Rates.ca is Canada's premier destination for the best rates! Access to great rates from the top brokers and financial institutions in Canada are just a few clicks away. We help match you with the products that best meet your needs while providing you with relevant information along the way to help you make an educated decision.

Interested in Auto Insurance? Fill out a quick online application and have competing quotes appear on your screen within minutes! If you're interested in a particular quote simply provide your contact information to have a licenced insurance representative reach out to you to discuss your quote. You can also browse our Auto Insurance Guides to learn everything you need to know about the types of products available, coverage types, insurance application process, filing a claim and much more!

Is your mortgage up for renewal? Perhaps you're thinking of purchasing a property and would like to obtain a pre-approval? Thinking of refinancing to take advantage of a better rate or in order to access some available equity in your home? If you've answered yes to any one of these questions, then Rates.ca is the service for you. Our mortgage rate comparison service gives you access to the lowest mortgage rates in the country from top brokers and financial institutions. Compare all rates and product features in one spot. If you're interested in a particular mortgage product you can provide your email or phone number to have a licenced mortgage broker reach out to you to complete an application. If you require additional information on mortgages you can look through the Rates.ca Mortgage Guides for information on the different types of mortgages, mortgage approval process, first time homebuyers information, mortgage refinancing and much more. It's also worthwhile to check out our lineup of mortgage calculators: payment calculator, penalty calculator, affordability calculator, CMHC calculator, refinance calculator, debt consolidation calculator, land transfer tax calculator and rent vs. buy calculator.

Our Credit Card service lists some of the best credit cards in Canada. Whether it's a travel credit card, student credit card, low interest credit card, cash back credit card, business credit card, no annual fee credit card or another popular type of card, we have the selection to meet your needs. Not sure which credit card you need? Simply read our Credit Card Guides for information on choosing the right credit card, different types of credit cards, your credit score, avoiding credit card fraud and other relevant topics.
Why should you Compare Rates?
There are several important factors that can help you decide which financial product (i.e. car insurance, mortgage, credit card, etc.) is right for you including the rate/price as well as the product features. There is quite a lot of differentiation across financial products and offers from different companies and brokers. How can you possibly know whether you're getting the best product for your needs with the best rate if you haven't shopped around? You can certainly shop around yourself and call/visit and submit applications with different brokers and financial institutions. This process, as you know, is extremely time consuming.

With Rates.ca we bring dozen of brokers/financial institutions directly to you. This means you can get competing quotes/rates all in one spot from the comfort of your own home. Only after comparing a variety of products can you make sure that you're getting the auto insurance policy, mortgage and credit card, which maximize your savings. Rates.ca does not only offer a comparison service but will also connect you with any of our providers upon request.
Rates.ca is an unbiased source
Rates.ca is not affiliated with a particular financial institution, lender, insurance company, or insurance/mortgage broker. Therefore, we are able to provide completely objective and unbiased product comparisons for our customers. Rates.ca is also not a registered broker itself nor do we sell our own financial products. This means that you can trust Rates.ca to provide accurate, objective product information and serve as the one source for your insurance, mortgage and credit card shopping.
Rates.ca Product Offering
Rates.ca offers rate comparison for car insurance, mortgages and credit cards. We are planning on adding many more verticals in the near future to become a one-stop-shop for all financial products.

Rates.ca Auto Insurance
With the Rates.ca auto insurance rate comparison service you can get quotes within minutes! Either enter your postal code to access our insurance application or your driver's licence number for a much shorter application. We will provide you with accurate auto insurance rates from a variety of companies and connect you with the provider of your choice. Our service is unique in that we update your rate in real time as you're filling out the application while providing full transparency throughout the process! Car insurance quotes are currently available for Ontario and Alberta residents only.

Rates.ca Mortgage Rates
Rates.ca will provide you with competing mortgage rates from a variety of brokers and financial institutions. You can compare all the rates in an organized table format which will include information on the ratehold period and pre-payment privileges in addition to the actual mortgage rate. Filter your results by the mortgage type and term to get the mortgage product that best fits your needs. Once you've decided on the mortgage product, you can provide your contact information to connect to one of our partner mortgage brokers.

Rates.ca Credit Cards
If you're looking to apply for a credit card but not sure which one you want Rates.ca is your solution! We compare dozen of different credit cards by highlighting their features, interest rates, annual fee and rewards. Once you've chosen a credit card that you feel is suitable you can apply for it directly through the credit card issuer's website.
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Are there any fees associated with comparing rates on Rates.ca?
Comparing rates on Rates.ca is absolutely free! We get paid by the brokers and financial services companies we work with so our service always remains free for the consumer.
What products can I compare on Rates.ca?
Currently you can compare car insurance quotes, mortgage rates and credit card offers.
What provinces is Rates.ca available in?
Car insurance is currently only available to Ontario & Alberta residents. Mortgages and credit cards are available across Canada.
How will the information I provide on the site be used?
Any information that you provide on Rates.ca will only be transferred to the financial services provider who you've chosen to share it with in order to fulfil your request. We will not sell your information to any third parties without your consent.
Is Rates.ca a broker?
Rates.ca is not a broker and is not affiliated with any particular financial services company. This allows us to take an objective/un-biased position in helping you compare products on our site.
How does Rates.ca make money?
We get compensated by insurance and mortgage brokers for referrals we send to them and by credit card issuers for approved credit card applications originating from our site. We only send referrals to our partners when you indicate that you want to be contacted by them. We do not sell your information to third parties without your consent.
How do I change my email address?
If you're subscribed to one of our services you can change your email on the Subscriptions page. Every one of our emails also contains a link at the bottom to edit your subscription and change your email. Lastly, you can send an email to support@rates.ca to request the change.
Does it matter what browser I use to access Rates.ca?
Rates.ca is compatible across all browsers and devices. If you do however spot an issue using a particular browser/device please notify us by emailing support@rates.ca
How do I change my subscription preferences?
Simply click on "Edit Existing Subscriptions" at the top of the Subscriptions page. You will be promoted to enter your email and check your inbox for an email from us containing a link to edit your current subscriptions. Every Rates.ca email also contains this link at the bottom. You will be able to change your subscriptions as well as unsubscribe. You may also email support@rates.ca to request any changes to your subscriptions.
How do I contact Rates.ca?
You may contact us via email at info@rates.ca