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Windsor, Ontario is a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Erie. This city has a fascinating historical background. For example, Windsor was once a sanctuary for runaway slaves. It has also been the home of thousands of monarch butterflies for hundreds of years. One of the best ways to travel the city is by car, so you can fully drink in all the sights and attractions.

Windsor is only about half a mile from Detroit, Michigan. To get to the city from the U.S., one can take either the Ambassador Bridge or the Windsor-Detroit tunnel.
Insurance is Mandatory
It is mandatory to have auto insurance while driving in Windsor, Ontario. There are many automobile insurance companies to choose from in the Windsor area, but finding the right one can be daunting task. Below are some tips on how to select an auto insurance company to best suit your needs.

Before you begin, determine what type of auto insurance you need. This may include liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, personal injury insurance and collision insurance. Certain areas may require a minimum amount of coverage. More information on this is available from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). Knowing your minimum requirements is the first step toward selecting affordable auto insurance.

To make sure that you are getting the best deal, it is important to shop around for the lowest prices. You will need to compare several different companies and their insurance rates in order to accurately determine which one can best serve you. Collect information from five to ten different insurance companies before you make your decision; this information should include the pros and cons of each company and insurance quotes.
Different Types of Auto Insurance Providers
There are three main types of auto insurers in the Windsor area: insurance brokers, captive agents and direct providers.

Captive agents work as a representative for a single insurance company. They are able to provide personalized services to the customer because they do not have to understand the ins and outs of different companies. Because they do not have to learn the rules and policies of multiple insurance carriers, they are experts in their field and may be able to give more accurate information regarding their services than those who are not as specialized.

Insurance brokers, on the other hand, work for multiple insurance companies. Using an auto insurance broker is one way to compare different auto insurers to obtain the best rates.

A direct provider removes the need for a go-between, thus eliminating excess fees. Not all direct providers are the same so be sure to look around carefully and compare.

Make sure that the licences of your prospective insurance agencies are up-to-date. You can check with the Insurance Bureau of Canada to determine the validity of an insurance company's licence.

Additionally, take a look at customer complaint ratios for the companies in question. A good customer satisfaction record speaks highly of the services of a company.
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