Seniors Auto Insurance

Did you know your senior status means big savings? Your guide to saving more as a senior driver.

Seniors Auto Insurance

Driving when you are a senior can be a little more risky. This makes it necessary, as with all drivers, to obtain reliable car insurance policies.

Having any auto insurance policy is vital, but finding a good one especially geared towards seniors may be challenging. Fortunately for senior citizens, Canada has excellent insurance options.

Many seniors are eligible for discounts ranging from 5% to 15% but it's necessary to do your research for the best rates.

Useful Tips For Finding Seniors Auto Insurance

1. Always shop around

There are dozens of auto insurance companies in Canada. Ask for quotes, and compare on cost. Also, determine which companies have the best customer service.

2. Know what you need

With so many auto insurance policies to choose from, it is necessary to list exactly what type of coverage you need. It's also wise to have a specific budget in mind.

3. When in doubt, ask

Insurers use a lot of different terms in their policies. Should you find something confusing, do not hesitate to ask about it. This is the simplest way to decide whether or not that policy is for you.

4. Read the fine print

Reading is not something everyone is fond of, however this simple task is a basic step to determine if the policy suits your needs and is within your budget. Why pay for something that you don't fully understand?

5. Visit CARP

To get better deals, the Canadian Association for Retired Persons is a great resource. In fact, the organization may be helpful to seniors in getting car insurance services as well as health or home insurance. Being a CARP member has other benefits such as toll-free access to lawyers. There are discounts and exclusive benefits available on certain insurance policies.

If you are a senior and looking for the best insurance policy, realize that most insurance companies go through a similar procedure in calculating your insurance rate. Checking your driving record is one of the top considerations. If you have proven that you are a responsible driver over the years, expect to get rewarded with a reasonable rate or even a discount!

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