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Credit cards can sometimes be looked upon unfavourably, but finding the right one can actually help you save money. Thousands of Canadians have discovered the vast benefits of MBNA credit cards and how, with responsibility, they can be a valuable tool.

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Balance Transfers

Credit card use has sometimes received negative attention and in some cases it's understandable. It is easy to misuse money that you do not have. However, there is an escape route if you have found yourself trapped under mounds of credit card debt. MBNA credit cards offer the option of doing a balance transfer. They clear up your debt with your current credit card company and transfer it onto a new card at a lower rate. The savings are well worth the time investment.

Cash Transfer

There are numerous situations where it is necessary to have funds in your bank account. Whether you are planning vacation or just need to supplement the balance of your current account to accommodate an upcoming automatic payment, MBNA credit cards offer just the feature you need. You are able to transfer money from your credit limit into you bank account quickly.

Accepted All Over the World

If you travel often, you need the convenience of a card that will be accepted in other countries. Many cards do not offer this feature, but users of MBNA have the luxury of being able to use their card in most countries for purchases and withdrawals. You simply use your card and PIN number just as you would at home.

Authorized Users

You want convenience and peace of mind for those you love, and, if you are away, you may have the need to leave them with your credit card. However, it is not always possible to leave your card behind. MBNA credit cards offer you the opportunity to sign up authorized users. Those you trust with your card can be issued a separate card they can use for their expenditures.

Contactless Payments

As technology continues to innovate, MBNA credit cards proudly keep up with the advancements. For small purchases, card users have the convenience of simply holding the card in front of a reader to complete the transaction at locations where the contactless symbol appears.

Online Services You Can Rely On

In a day and age where time is money and lives are busy, MBNA understands that their customers need access to online services to help manage their finances on the go. Their website is easy to navigate, and the ability to view your financial statements is just a click away. Whether you need to check your balance or recover your PIN, the site accommodates your needs. Other service features include:

  • Direct debit setup
  • Recent transaction availability
  • Due date posting

Credit cards, as you see, don't always pose a risk. In fact, carrying an MBNA card can actually help put money back in your pocket when used responsibly.

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