We understand that many are struggling financially during this pandemic. If your job has been affected due to COVID-19, INTACT has made arrangements to help you through these tough times.

Financial Relief

  • There is an average premium reduction of 15% which is applicable for three months for clients who have made adjustments to their annual kilometres driven.
  • You can also receive savings up to 75% per month on average, if you have parked and safely stored your vehicles, until you start driving again.
  • You can update your driving information by filling out a simple form available on the Intact website. This form is only valid until July 31st 2020.

Billing Information

  • If your payment comes back NSF (non-sufficient funds), Intact will set up a special withdrawal date and send that notice to you in the mail.
  • If that payment also does not go through, you will receive a registered letter.
  • Intact may be able to waive the NSF fees.
  • If you know you may not make your next payment, Intact may accommodate delaying your payment up to one month without penalty.
  • You can switch your pay plan upon renewal between monthly, 3 pay and annual payments.

How do I make a payment?

  • To make up a missed payment you can make the payment by credit card at by clicking here

Additional Resources

  • For more information you can also refer to the COVID-19 Page on their website