High Risk Drivers

What car insurance options do you have when you're a high risk driver?

High Risk Drivers

Maintaining a clean driving record by driving carefully and avoiding traffic violations is one of the best ways to keep your premiums down. What happens if you don't have a clean driving record? What if you've been involved in several accidents or have received multiple tickets for traffic violations? In those cases you may be considered a High Risk Driver. There isn't an exact definition of what characterizes a high risk driver given that insurance companies have their own unique ways of determining who belongs in that category. Being considered a high risk driver may result in insurance companies refusing to offer you auto insurance or even your existing insurance provider refusing to renew your policy.

What is a High Risk Driver?

A high risk driver is someone who an insurance company feels has a high probability of being involved in a claim resulting in a pay out. It is generally someone that falls into one or more of the categories:

  • Has had several minor traffic violations
  • Has had one major traffic violation (impaired driving, speeding over 50 km/hr, etc.)
  • Has had several at fault accidents
  • Had a previous insurance policy cancelled
  • New driver

What are the Insurance Options for High Risk Drivers?

There is light at the end of the tunnel if you're having difficulty obtaining insurance due to your high risk status in Ontario. There are insurance companies that specialize in high risk drivers. Some of these are: Kingsway, Pafco, Perth and Coachman. Even if these companies refuse to insure you there is always Facility Association which operates so that even the highest risk drivers may obtain insurance.

Facility Association is a non-profit insurance company made up of all auto insurance companies. Facility Association insurance is available through any licensed auto insurance specialist.

What does it mean to be a High Risk Driver?

If you're considered a high risk driver expect to pay a lot more for your car insurance policy. Insurance companies consider you to have a high probability of being involved in a claim and therefore must be compensated for taking the risk of insuring you.

The best way to get rid of your high risk driver status is to drive safely and keep a clean driving record. Traffic violations and at-fault accidents disappear off your record after a certain number of years (3 years for tickets and 6 years for accidents). If you continue to drive safely eventually your status as a 'good driver' will be restored and you'll be able to obtain insurance from standard insurance companies at much better rates.

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