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Answers to most common questions for credit card applications
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What are the requirements to apply for a credit card?
The requirements to apply for a credit card vary not only by issuer but also by card. The minimum requirements are usually to be a Canadian resident and at least the age of majority in your province/territory.
What is credit card approval based on?
Credit card issuers all have different approval criteria. However your credit history, income, and liabilities are common factors examined by credit card companies.
Can I still apply for a credit card if I have bad credit?
Certainly! If you have bad credit or had credit problems in the past a credit card issuer may still offer you a credit card with a security. What this means is that the credit card company would have to hold a collateral in order to issue you a card. You can access our Secured Credit Card section to see which cards might be available for you.
How can I check my credit score?
You can check your credit score with credit reporting companies, Equifax and TransUnion. Both allow you to order your credit report online at and
I'm interested in a credit card. How do I proceed?
If you're interested in a particular credit card simply click on the "Apply" button beside it. You will then leave our site and be transferred to the online application of the credit card issuer. In order to be approved for the credit card the full application must be completed.
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