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Which Province Has the Most Expensive Auto Insurance?

Car driving in Canadian Rockies
If you've ever lived in more than one Canadian province, you may notice that price differentials for products and services become apparent. When it comes to insurance, the number and volume of paid claims need to be taken into account to get a snapshot of the cost variance for car insurance quotes. Among the 10 provinces, insurance rates vary considerably ... Continue reading »

How Auto Insurance Fraud Affects You As a Consumer

Red Car
Cost is a factor for most drivers buying new insurance. There's a hidden story in those car insurance quotes that help you choose a new policy. Premium rates are on the rise because of expensive claims. Because of the connection between claim payouts and insurance cost, it should concern consumers that a staggering number of claims are fraudulent.Fraud is ... Continue reading »

What Is Aggressive Driving and Why Is It Harmful?

Car following too closely
We've all been there. Someone cuts you off or follows too closely from behind and your blood pressure elevates a bit. You wish a cop had been around to witness the stunt, but that rarely happens. Aggressive driving takes many different forms.Signs of Aggressive DrivingSpeeding: It might be the most common infraction of all - someone's in a huge hurry ... Continue reading »

Ridesharing: How It's Being Adopted And Insured

man looks at ridesharing app
We recently looked at how technology is shaping the auto industry, and ridesharing is a big part of that. Ridesharing is widespread across the U.S., but the rate of its adoption in Canada has varied significantly by province. While some jurisdictions moved quickly to open up the market, others have been more reluctant. One significant issue is how insurance ... Continue reading »

Canada's Most Dangerous Problem on the Road? Distracted Driving

Man looks at phone while driving
Even the smallest of distractions can have dire consequences on the road. That's why Canadian drivers are now encouraged to be mindful of all activities that take their attention away from the task at hand. That includes texting or using a hand-held device, practices that have increasingly strict penalties in many provinces. It also means anything that removes focus, causing ... Continue reading »

Ontario’s Worst Roads Listed

You’re in for a bumpy ride if you regularly travel the streets that topped CAA’s yearly list of the worst roads in the province. For the second year in a row, Hamilton’s Burlington Street East has taken the title as being the worst street in the province. First appearing on... Continue reading »