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Man driving with two hands on steering wheel
Man driving with two hands on steering wheel

Save on Fuel & Car Insurance with Hybrid Vehicles

Rising fuel prices, global warming and even car insurance discounts have convinced a large swath of the auto-buying public to take a closer look at hybrid cars.

Toyota rules the hybrid car market globally with strong sales for models such as the Prius, Avalon, Camry and Highlander. Also, Honda’s Civic and Insight hybrids continue to be worthy competitors on a worldwide scale, while automakers such as Ford, General Motors, Tesla, and Nissan continue to drive sales in what has proven to be an aggressive sales environment.

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Governments continue to promote initiatives that encourage green alternatives and cars that rely less on traditional fossil fuels or use cheaper renewable sources of energy such as fuel-efficient electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid automobiles, which operate on both electrical and traditional fuel, are gaining more attention. Tax rebates, ranging from $2,000 to $8,500, have been offered to purchasers of hybrids and EVs in different provinces throughout Canada. However, the challenge for car manufacturers is still to make hybrid cars more affordable as other non-hybrid models continue to improve on fuel economy.

Luckily, car insurance companies have helped the cause by offering 5 to 10 percent rate discounts to hybrid car owners.

The car insurance companies have favourable data to draw from. In 2011, research from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI) showed that the odds of being in a crash are 25 percent lower for people in hybrids than people travelling in non-hybrid counterparts. The HDLI reports that hybrids are 10 percent heavier than conventional models, which provides an advantage in crashes.

This information certainly warrants that hybrid car owners shop around and capitalize on the sizeable car insurance discount that’s available. While scouting out the lowest car insurance rates, customers should always seek out additional ways to save money. For example, if you have another car in addition to your hybrid, examine the possibility of a multi-vehicle discount, a common component to many car insurance policies.

Even though you’d rather not think about it just yet, winter is right around the corner and there are many car insurance companies that will reward your use of winter tires on your hybrid vehicle, often with a 5 percent premium reduction.

Don’t forget to mention if you have an anti-theft system or alarm, as this reduces the risk that your hybrid will be stolen and more importantly, it often qualifies for another discount to reduce your overall car insurance premium cost. Also, some car insurance companies will decrease your premium if you park your vehicle in a private driveway or garage.

Similarly, choosing a higher deductible presents a sure fire way to save on car insurance as you are essentially agreeing to pay a little more of the loss in the event of a claim.

In addition to shaving off fuel costs, you can see there are several ways to save money with your hybrid vehicle. Be sure that when you are comparing car insurance prices, you are certain about what is included in each policy. Be aware of the coverage, deductibles and liability limits before making your final decision.

Bundling your auto and home insurance together is another way to save money. Just make sure you’re getting the appropriate amount of coverage under both. mascot for error